March 3, 2008

Articles and Reviews

A look at Sony Ericsson's UXP Interface
by Karun, 6th May 2010

 For its Xperia X10 smartphones, Sony Ericsson designed a new user interface from scratch. Called the User Experience Platform or UXP, it sits on top of the Android operating system on the Xperia X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro smartphones.

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UIQ - What Went Wrong?
                                                             by Karun, 3rd October 2008
When I first heard of UIQ back in 2002, Sony Ericsson had just launched the P800, which if I recall correctly, was the most advanced phone that had been announced at that time. It was the first phone with Symbian OS to have a Touch screen, Built in camera, Bluetooth and handwriting recognition. Back in reaction...WOW!
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Sony Ericsson W960 Review
by Karun, 28th March 2008

The W960 is really the best SE phone till date. The UIQ interface here is much enhanced and I had no difficulty in navigating through the various menus. And as I pointed out before, the flush touchscreen is a big plus over previous phones as it enables you to use your finger more often. The Call quality is excellent and the music part is of course brilliant.

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